ImageWelcome to the Voltage Phase Website, which was written to better help you understand the importance of how modern day equipment should operate on a balanced voltage phase source of electricity that is in agreement with your electrical load demands.  Remember, in our homes or businesses, every electrical piece of equipment is engineered for a specific voltage phase electrical input.

All Electrical Products are Manufactured with Specific Voltage Phases

Most home owners don’t think about the importance of electrical voltage phase requirements.  Residential dwellings are designed for single-phase electrical power inputs, which are obtained from local utility companies.  Most voltage phase concerns are already solved because the single-phase electrical system is in agreement with single-phase equipment and appliances. Most home owners use one-phase voltage power to operate applicances in their homes.Most home owners use one-phase voltage power to operate applicances in their homes.  However, there are times when you may blow a fuse due to the fact that you are overloading the system.  This usually results because too many appliances are operating on one voltage phase circuit, and because of the over usage on the power load, the circuit is automatically shut down.  That is a great example of why the correct voltage phase for operating an electrical system is so important.

Larger facilities and businesses require a higher, three-phase power load in order to operate modern equipment.  The concern for a three-phase balancedvoltage phase circuitry is crucial for operation of machinery.

Most businesses buy one-phase power from local utilities because three-phase power is so expensive, sometimes costing up to $50,000 per mile.  Because of the high cost for larger phase power, businesses are forced to use converter devices such as phase converters, transformers and variable frequency drives to convert one-phase electrical current into three-phase voltage systems in order to operate their production equipment and machinery.

Modern Three-Phase Equipment  Requires a Balanced Voltage Phase Power Source

Electricity can be complicated, and no matter what our advanced technology, scientists and electrical engineers are always striving for better utilization of electrical power.  Three-phase power creates more issues because of the additional circuitry as apposed to singe-phase power, and as was indicated earlier, three-phase power is much more costly obtaining it from local sources.

Three-phase circuitry has three alternating currents that run at different times producing a constant and balanced electrical power source.  This allows three-phase equipment to operate with a smoother power load that is continual.  Machinery runs optimally when there isn’t a breakage in current, which can cause damage.

Voltage phases are defined as the measurement of the potential for an electric field to cause an electric current in an electrical conductor.  That might sound confusing, but basically, it is the ability to produce a balanced and constant electrical current that is sufficient to operate your equipment’s electrical load requirements without interruptions of power surges or loss of electrical current input.  If your machinery has alternating power demands, the voltage phase should be able to be regulated to higher or lower voltage phases that match varied load requirements while in operation.

There are many choices and solutions for voltage phase problems, and Voltage Phase Website is a great source to help you better understand what electrical voltage devices will operate your production systems with adequate energy inputs.  After all, expensive equipment should have the best source of operating power.  No one wants expensive repair costs or loss of revenue when machinery breaks down due to an unbalanced power source.  

It is Wise to Use a Reputable Manufacturer Who is Experienced in Voltage Phase Systems

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Please read all the articles to the left and right of theVoltage Phase Website page for information on voltage phase and how it relates to your equipment and application requirements.  Also, there is extensive information in the sites listed below for complete descriptions on transformers, phase converters and variable frequency drives.  Thank you for trusting Voltage Phase Website with your electrical problems, let the experts take the guesswork out of your electrical power concerns!